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You feel yourself sink deeper into the couch…and realize you haven’t taken a step all morning. You realize it might be time to add more activity to your day, but how? Maybe you’ve been feeling more sluggish than usual lately, or perhaps you’ve been trying to be able to keep up in your favourite sport. It can be hard to take that first step when that couch is oh-so-comfortable. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to begin living a more active lifestyle. 

Rather than starting yourself off right away with a crazy fitness routine, take baby steps. Being regularly active doesn’t mean running marathons. There are several simple ways to take your usual routine to the next level, here’s how:

Like Watching Sports?

Get inspired while watching your favourite players, like in the upcoming Euro Cup! Get Active N’ Play has an awesome Euro Cup Challenge for all your favourite teams that can be applied to other sports as well. Goalie made a save? Five Push Ups. Your team scored? Ten sit ups. Those athletes train hard, it’s the least you can do! 

Homework Challenges

Who says homework has to be boring? Add some activity to a typically slower task. Finish reading a textbook chapter? Do ten jumping jacks. Solve a math problem? Ten sit ups. Every thirty minutes of studying, get up from your chair and walk around for five minutes. These are some examples, maybe you can think of your own!

While Watching TV

TV can get addictive. Similar to doing homework, it is definitely a task that involves sitting for a long time. But who says you have to sit? Try running on the spot or doing some stretches while watching your favourite show. Now you get to watch some entertaining tv, and keep yourself active, too! You can even go the extra mile and invest in some small weights to pump while you sit on the couch.

Elevate Your Morning Routine

When you wake up, challenge yourself to stretch every morning and maybe throw in a few sit ups and jumping jacks. Not only will the stretching and movement help your body loosen up, but it will also give you a head start on some activity for the day and help wake you up.

Bring Your Pals Out To Play

Do you and your friends usually play video games together? While having a great gaming session can be quite exciting, maybe take a break from the usual chill and get your friends outside for some basketball, foot hockey, or even just a walk. Your school’s local Sportswall is a great place to play if you don’t have a court nearby.

Try out some of these tips! You can always experiment with your own, as well. The point is to start moving more so you can slowly build up an active lifestyle. Remember: a long journey begins with a single step!