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When that lazy, sluggish feeling hits, it’s tempting to reach for your video game controller and sit in front of the TV. What if in just a few minutes you could walk to your nearest school and play some cool new games? That’s where Sportswalls come in! A little bit of paint magic and your school’s wall is ready to play a variety of activities, like foot hockey, tennis, soccer, and more. The lines painted on the wall allow for activity anytime, and make it easier for the community to engage in sports and learn new games. Here are five ways having a sports wall can benefit your school and keep people active:

  1. Creates Access to a Variety of Sports

While there are soccer fields and basketball nets, Sportswalls make it possible to play what usually would be difficult to install at a school. Foot hockey, for example, can now be enjoyed with just a few simple lines, creating a net and floor boundaries. Tennis is another popular sport that can be easily fabricated with a sports wall. The possibilities are endless.

  1. You Need Nothing But A Wall

There’s no need to install and spend valuable resources on a new sporting area. Just simply find a good, decent sized space on your school’s outdoor wall area that people can spread out and play comfortably. After that, designated boundary lines to allow for a variety of games will be painted directly onto the wall and pavement. No extra space taken, and lots of extra games available!

  1. Encourages Communities to Get Active

Sportswalls don’t just benefit schools, but the community as a whole. When school is out for the day (or summer), residents can take a few minutes walk to their local school and enjoy squash, foot hockey, etc. Not only do they encourage kids to be more active, but grown-ups, too!

  1. Gets Kids Into Sports

Sportswall success stories describe kids that had never played foot hockey before in their life suddenly playing it all winter. Having a Sportswall at your school can help ignite a passion for sports that might not have been there before because, well, they never tried! 

The bottom line is that being active benefits everyone, and encourages a longer, happier life. Sportswalls are a perfect way to keep kids moving and encourage activity in the long haul. They also bring communities together, experiencing an active lifestyle as more than just a passing trend. 

If you know a school or organization that could benefit from a sports wall, please send inquiries to:[email protected].