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Sportswalls are a court. Painted onto the ground and walls, a unique and all-round court is create for a number of sports: Hockey, volleyball, tennis, soccer and more! There are several benefits and uses to having them at your school and community.

Having a Sportswall makes recess and gym class versatile because there are more options when it comes to playing outdoors. School teams can use the extra space to practice and perfect their skills. 

An active community is a safe community. Annually, schools hold a variety of programs and events to bring a community together. Sportswalls is the perfect opportunity to engage locals through community recreational activities. Students can be active anytime with Sportswalls. Whether it be after-school or weekends, the Sportswall is a court that is always accessible to all! 

Schools can maximize physical activity at their school by using the Sportswalls as a volunteering opportunity! Past graduates of elementary schools can volunteer to teach a variety of sports to students after school. With a program like this, schools can cut the number of hours that students may be sedentary and increase physical activity rates for a healthy and active community.

Having a Sportswall can help YOUR school and community “Get Active ‘N Play”. 
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Written by: Manasee Vyas

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