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How you can contribute and make a difference

It’s easy! Use your local Sportswalls and play. Share on social media that you’re playing and invite  your friends and family to join you in the fun. Sports is a great way to make new friends and connect with others in your community. They might even see you and join as well.


Create your own community events, small tournaments or games. Contact us for some ideas on how you can get started and promote your games.

Connect with us on twitter at @GetActiveNPlay and share your created games, community events (that use Sportswalls) and pictures. We’ll share them with our users!

Donate Sports Equipment

If you have any equipment you’d like to donate, please contact us and we’ll give it to kids in need and local community centers/community groups for free community rental use.

Gift a School Sportswalls & More

Gift your favourite school Sportswalls, our in school/After school program or challenge booklets for the students.  Sharing is caring and every child deserves an opportunity to play.

Donate Bitcoins!

We accept bitcoins to provide schools with Sportswalls, Get Active ‘N Play Leadership Programs and challenge books. Your donations also help create youth jobs. If you have a specific school or community you’d like to have Sportswalls on, let us know and we’ll make it happen. (In Ontario only.. For now!) Tip Me With ChangeTip

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