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The Issues


If video games, mobile phones, Tv and computers are made so easily accessible, then why aren’t sports? The cost of playing sports, renting arenas or sports fields, uniforms, equipment, and leagues has become a burden on parents and young adults. Year after year fee’s keep increasing, parents spend hundreds to thousands of dollars and time for their children(s) organized sports, but not all are able to afford this luxury. What happens to those who can’t afford to play?  

Not everyone has access to play their favourite sports close to home. So instead they’re in front of the computer screen, playing video games, on Facebook, eating junk food or watching tv and getting fat. Canadian kids received a D grade this year 

(Link) after 6 years of failing grades on the Healthy Kids Canada Report Card. 

Physical inactivity costs Canadian taxpayers approximately $6.8 billion a year, or 3.7 percent of health care costs, per year and its getting worse every passing year. (
Our goal is to establish Sports Walls on every elementary school in Ontario. Motivate/educate and build communities of people who love to Get Active ‘N Play. Having Sports Walls freely available is the first step to getting our kids away from the screens and switching to playing sports outside. Sport is also a great way to bring communities together.

Below are charts showing how big this issue has become.

Make a difference call your local school and ask for Sports Walls so you can Get Active ‘N Play!

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