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Story Challenges

Learning should be fun! Add a little movement to your English class or daily routine.

We have created these challenges to help kids and you build fundamental movement and story writing skills. Speed run through a 10, 20 or 30 minute challenge or start slow with the Word of the Day 30 day story challenge.

Story Challenge Episode 1

How the Story Challenge Works

1. Pick a different 4+ letter word every day for 30 days

2. Do the exercises for the letters in your word

3. Use your word of the day in a sentence and build your story

4. Share your story progression with family, friends and us using #GETACTIVEnWRITE

Speed Running Challenge

Record yourself completing the 30 min story challenge writing the longest story you can in the time frame. Beat your personal best, then beat it another 5 times and try to get the world record. 

Use #GETACTIVEnWRITE and #SCSRun (Story Challenge Speed Run) and share your best record stories. 

Word Lists!

Pick your difficulty or themed list

Right click and save as

Use your creativity and build your story writing skills.

Compare your first story and your 15th one and notice the difference.
Share your results with us

Challenge a friend to see who can write the best story and let us judge who had the better one @GETACTIVEnWRITE