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Sportswalls is a low cost, little to no maintenance way to create a space to play volleyball, tennis, nets games+ without needing to carry heavy equipment to play! 

Great asset for students and the local community to use to get active

School Teams​
Practice makes perfect! Sportswalls are a great practice tool for anyone looking to work on their skills; solo or in a small group
Recess​ Games
Volleyball, foot hockey and more games kids can play off the walls?? Yes please!
Intramural Sports​ With Sportswalls
Use Sportswalls for 2v2 vball, 3 on 3 foot hockey or tennis intramural games. Tag and show us how you #GETACTIVEnPLAY
Get Active Math Classes​
Spice math class up with fun math physical activity games/challenges using Sportswalls and number courts
Outdoor Gym Class​
Use your Sportswalls to teach tennis, volleyball outdoors!
Community Use​
An active community is a safe community. Use your local Sportswalls to run community rec pick up leagues, learn2play games and more
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Get Sportswalls For Your Ontario School!

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