Increase physical activity
at school with Sportswalls!

Sports Teams

Practice makes perfect! Sportswalls are a great practice tool for anyone looking to work on their skills; solo or in a small group

ALways ready to be used

No need to carry out and set up nets to play anymore! Saves time setting up and kids can go straight to playing!

Move and Learn

Spice up math class up with fun math games and challenges using Sportswalls and number courts.

Multi Purpose

Use your Sportswalls for: Gym, Math class, Intramural sports, Fundraisers, After-school programs, etc.

Choose the perfect plan

Pick the option that fits your school wall space and budget









Frequently asked questions

Sportswalls are multi-purpose painted sport courts which are used to encourage free play on school grounds before, during and after school. 

The cost depends on the amount of wall and ground space. On average schools tend to spend $850 for their Sportswalls and ground games.

Anyone and everyone can. During school hours, students can use the walls to have fun during gym, recess, intramural sports and before/after school. 

The community can use the walls for community league/pick up games after school or weekends.

If your school has lots of windows we can paint ground games and courts. Such as hockey rinks, 4square and math numbers for your basketball courts.

Sportswalls started when a group of friends didn’t want to carry a heavy hockey net to the school yard to play. Instead they chalked a net on the wall.

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