Challenge Booklets Bundle


Challenge Booklets Bundle


The bundle contains 30 Get Active ‘N Play Challenge Booklets for your class, team or group.

Each booklet contains:
– A variety of stretches (with pictures)
– Daily warm up circuits (with pictures)
– Create a story 30 day challenge
– ‘How to play’ guides for Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball (with pictures)
– Fun games and exercises
– 70 Trophies challenges

Great for spicing up mornings, gym class and getting 30+ minutes of daily physical activity!


The Challenge Bundle comes with 30 Get Active ‘N Play Challenge Booklets and a Get Active Poster. Collect all 70 trophies while learning and improving your basketball, soccer and volleyball skills.

Booklets also include a variety of daily stretches/body weight circuits (with pictures) and creative fun games for all ages and ability levels. Which can be played in small or large indoor/outdoor spaces.

Track your active hours and create a story with the 30 day word of the day challenge!

This bundle is great for any elementary school class to start the morning with. Wake up with a class warm up and pick a word of the day. Give a booklet to each student to keep and challenge them to collect every trophy during recess and before/after school.

The best part is that the challenge booklet fits in your pocket!


Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery

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