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We grouped hockey, soccer and net games together because you can play all these games

Hockey Tag



A selection of children are chosen to be the “taggers”.Each other child in the class has a hockey stick and ball, they dribble the ball into space trying to avoid the “taggers” who are trying to knock the ball away from the player. If the ball is successfully taken away by the “tagger” then the the children’s role is reversed.Another variation is to collect the ball and wait for someone to free you by passing the ball between your legs.
Object of the game is to score goals and not be the last one to score in each round. If you are the last person to score you are eliminated. The person who scored first gets first possession of the ball.  Can also be play in teams of 2 or more.

Foot hockey

Its hockey using your feet as your stick and a tennis ball as the puck (great for 2-6 on 2-6 play)

The Polish Game (Soccer version) 

Coconut shy

Traffic jam

You need 1 goalie and 2 or more players to play.The objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible before the goalie catches the ball and tags you. When you’re tagged you become the goalie so be careful! If you shoot wide, you also become the goalie.Tagging: Once the goalie catches the ball, they have to yell ‘stop’ when they do. All players must stay in their positions and not move. The goalie then must throw the ball and try to hit you. If you get hit, you’re the new goalie.

For every goal scored the goalie must do a certain exercise after they have tagged another player (Push ups, jumping jacks, squats, pick whatever you like!) So if 9 goals were scored you have to do 9 push ups for example.
Here’s why you need at least 2 players. You are not allowed to touch the ball twice in a row. If you do you automatically become the goalie.This game is great for working on your give and go passing skills, shooting on net and a nice work out.
 How it works
– Three cones are placed opposite each pair of players  with a ball balanced on the top of each one (the coconut shy).- To win the game the players must knock all three  balls off the cones within two minutes.- To do this the first player passes the ball towards the balls balanced on the cones.
– Hit or miss the player must then run out to get the ball back to their partner as quickly as possible (running with the ball or passing).- Players have two minutes to try and knock all three balls off the cones. Possible changes
– Could have teams of three with a larger group.- Play again but if a pair/group was successful then move the cones a bit further away to make it harder
 How it works
Each player stands in a space in the playing area with a ball each. They must steer their car (ball) safely around the playing area (road) without losing control.Players have to follow instructions called out by coach, starting with:Green – players dribble around area.
Red – players stop and put foot on the ball.
Amber – players touch ball between insteps of both feet without moving.
Turn – steer car (ball) to move in a different direction.Introduce gears whilst in green dribbling mode:1st gear – slow jog
2nd gear – steady run
3rd gear – quicker run
4th gear – quick run

Crab Soccer

Keep Away Soccer

Before You Start:

  • Divide the group into two teams with two goalies.
  • Explain the crab position (both hands and feet touching the ground, with stomachs toward the ceiling/sky)

How to Play:

  • Only movement in the crab position is allowed for the entire game.
  • Players can only kick or hit the ball with their feet and/or head;€“ no hands are allowed.
  • The leader drops the ball in the center of the field for a kick-off to begin the game, as well as after each point is scored.
  • Each team is trying to put the ball into the opposing team’€™s goal.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, the leader throws it back into play.

Variations: Add more balls and/ or goals to the game

Before You Start:

  • Set up an area with clear boundaries, using lines or cones.
  • Explain the rules of the game and ask students to explain the game back to you.
  • Review the basic soccer rules that you are reinforcing with this game.
  • Explain and demonstrate the concepts of passing with the side of your foot, moving within the field unguarded by a player on the other team, calling for a pass, spreading out and safe defense, all without touching.

How to Play:

  • Split students into two teams.
  • Have one or both teams wear jerseys so players can tell who is on each team.
  • Begin with three or fours players keeping it away from one player.
  • As the players become more comfortable with the ball, the teams can be made more even.
  • For the lower skill levels, begin with a keep away game from only one or two players rotating them periodically.
  • Players try to keep possession of the ball by passing the ball to their teammates.
  • The team that does not have possession attempts to regain the ball and keep the ball away from the other team.
  • Points can be given if teams make a certain number of passes before the other team touches the ball.
  • Assign players a position so they have a spot on the field where they know they should play near.

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